Economists Talk-November-2022

Currently, Tanzania inflation has reached 4.8% compared to last month where it was 4.6%, within a one year inflation rates has increased by more than 0.8% from 4.0% for 2021.

Foods and Non-alcohol products have contributed to rapid increase in inflation rates, which currently inflation rates hit 8.3% compared to last year’s by 4%, with an increase rates of 4.3% (51%).

The demand for food has become higher due to the rapid increase in the number of people in urban areas, most of our urban areas do not produce food, dependence on rural areas where by agriculture productions takes place, which increase the demand for alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

Transportation costs have increased by 7.9% compared to last month where it has decreased by 0.2%, compared to last year the costs have increased by 2% from 5.9%. The increase in inflation rate on transport was due to the increase in the price of fuel but currently the situation is stable.

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