Consulting Insider

TICGL is committed to unleashing creativity, intellectual curiosity, and energy to solve the increasingly complex development challenges facing Our Clients. 

For us, research and innovation is about applying new knowledge to solve some of the toughest problems whether that means designing a solution to a challenge through a new product, service, or approach, or adapting an existing solution from another field or discipline.

We harness the knowledge generated through the research and innovations on our Clients to identify opportunities for replication and scaling. Through our approach , we create an environment where practitioners and experts from a wide range of backgrounds have the resources, opportunities, and freedom to co-create solutions to some of the development sector’s most intractable challenges. We commit to sharing ideas, building networks, and creating solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Objectives to our Clients. It is only through taking risks, being bold, and strong partnerships that we can scale our services for lasting global change.

Our way

TICGL is committed to conducting business with high standards of professionalism and integrity. As a Consulting Firm, we do what is right, honest, and legal, and expect the same of all our Clients .

TICGL is committed to supporting and continually improving our business operations to fulfill our mission and achieve our Key Results. Our management system reflects our values by promoting excellence and innovation so that we can achieve greater development impact, ensure client satisfaction, encourage global workforce engagement, and promote sustained growth.

Building Business is Building Economy.