TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center

TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center

TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center is a Key Center established to maintain and promote the usage of the “Economic Statistical Data System”.

TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center System include statistics such as: national income, industrial production, trade, finance, price, wage, population, energy, transportation, agriculture, education, daily trading statistics of listed and over-the-counter stocks, financial Data etc. It is one of the largest on-going, daily updated, time-series data systems in Tanzania.

The key objectives of the TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center :

  • Capability to store, preserve and access increasingly large volumes of electronic data.
  • Capability to support coordinated end-to-end Data ‘workflows’ encompassing the use of both data storage and computational resources, by researchers.
  • The protection and preservation of TICGL research data assets.
  • Increased potential for re-use and possible future exploitation of TICGL research data assets.
  • Opportunities to consolidate TICGL data storage infrastructure. Unified services (single system for all researchers)
  • Compliance with increasingly stringent requirements for the management of project (data) outputs by the Researcher.
  • We Improve existing methods of conducting research to advance the quality of the data generated by
    1. Review training materials and procedures bi-annually to determine areas needing improvement or revision.
    2. Review and disseminate survey methods research on an ongoing basis and incorporate demonstrated best practices into both design and data collection procedures.
  • Improve capacity for conducting large data collection efforts by
    1. Locate additional space for potential expansion of the Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility.
    2. Identify 2-3 academic survey research organizations with whom TICGL could partner on large projects.
  • Provide ongoing training and education for all staff to ensure high quality research design, data collection and analysis.

Amran Bhuzohera 

Senior Economist-TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center

Has a great experience with more than 5 years knowledge of Projects Management, Finance and Development Economy, Public health , Strategic Management, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation in to industry insights.

Mr Amran Bhuzohera is academic qualified Development Economist who has a confidence in his ability to deliver clarity, insights and results based Management knowledge.

Mr Amran Bhuzohera holds Master’s Degree in Development Economy and Bachelor Degree in Regional-Economic Development Planning both from the Institute of Rural Development Planning-Tanzania.