We focusing on goal-setting, Situation analysis and Strategy Formulation to understand the needs of the Project, Business and Investment.

TICGL services package business consult , project Development and investment opportunities so that we satisfy the needs of investors and business owners . In particular, the TICGL offers a wide range of services BOTH IN management & strategy and research & innovation that makes it easier for business owners and investors to invest.

Management and Strategy

TICGL Management & strategies, at the most boiled down, are a series of techniques for controlling and directing a little Project Development, Business and Investment to achieve a set of predetermined goals. Include strategies for goal-setting, leadership, business administration and operational activities.

TICGL Management and Strategy includes:

  1. Establishing the timeline for achieving those goals; short, medium or long-term.
  2. Establishing the resources necessary for carrying out those goals.
  3. Providing a clear sense of direction for the company and its employees, employees can better see how their daily activities fit into the organizational plan.
  4. Determining the goals and objectives of the organization.

Research and Innovation

TICGL Research And Innovation is a search for new business and strategic techniques and methods. We develop and optimize well-known methodologies, enabling the implementation of new and better Project, Business and Investment solutions.

Our research and Innovation focuses on creating new ideas, analyzing problems, diagnosing them and identifying their causes.

We creates new business solutions, strategies, technologies and processes. Through implement and observe modern, improved strategies, set research hypotheses and develop a methodology of key research objectives and increase of effectiveness, increase of products quality and reduction of productivity costs.

Capacity Building and Training

TICGL Capacity Building and Training is a process that looks across all of the Project Development, Business and Investment activities carries out to find ways to develop skills and processes so that it can meet its goals.

TICGL Capacity building involves various strategies that are designed to make your Project, business and Investment more adaptive and responsive so that it can be more successful in today’s changing today to increase their long-term viability, management skills, responsiveness to changing market conditions, and overall effectiveness. 

We get involve

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