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TICGL Independent Consultants:

  1. Principal Planning Officer
  2. Planning Officer
  3. Development Economy Analyst
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  5. Finance and Investment Analyst
  6. Business Administration Advisor

Dr. Issa Mohamed

Managing Director

Dr. Mohamed holds a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Business Administration from The University of Dodoma, Master’s Degree in Business Administration from The University of Dodoma and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) from Mzumbe University.

Dr. Mohamed is an expert in management and administration. He has vast knowledge in entrepreneurship, business growth and development with much interest in supporting community based developments and growth. His aspiration is to work in a multi-stakeholder consultation at national and international level in socio-economic development patterns in conjunction with Academic Institutions, Government organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Societies and the Private Sector, with a vision to improve economic standards of the society. Dr. Mohamed is currently involved in several assignments that help to develop local entrepreneurship careers and skills to bring out a competent, effective and efficient businesses.

Amran Bhuzohera

Senior Economist

Has a great experience with more than 5 years knowledge of Projects Management, Finance and Development Economy, Public health , Strategic Management, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation in to industry insights.

Mr Amran Bhuzohera is academic qualified Development Economist who has a confidence in his ability to deliver clarity, insights and results based Management knowledge.

Mr Amran Bhuzohera holds Master’s Degree in Development Economy and Bachelor Degree in Regional-Economic Development Planning both from the Institute of Rural Development Planning-Tanzania.

Abeid Mahmoud

Senior Legal Advisor

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