Planning and Economic Management

TICGL researches and analyzes economic issues and policy initiatives that affect regional Planning And Economic development.

We work with our clients to provide insight into the growth drivers of today’s economy, establish data-driven policies and practices, and deliver business intelligence on target industries and companies. Our consulting services provide practical information that supports the day-to-day activities of economic developers.


TICGL strategic planning and policy consulting services are data-driven and growth-oriented. We help communities respond to complex changes and prepare for new opportunities. We also work with clients to build stakeholder support and implement recommended programs.

  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS)
  • Benchmarking and competitive assessments
  • Asset-based economic development
  • Sustainable development
  • SWOT analyses
  • Cost modeling
  • Regional leadership and organizational models
  • Review of current policy and strategy
  • Review of the socio-economic Policy and Strategy
  • Evaluation of currently Policy and Strategy


TICGL analyzes workforce trends and forecasts for regional economies and addresses STEM education and worker training programs for economic development.

  • Workforce trends and forecasts by region
  • STEM and education policies
  • Talent and business attraction

TICGL works with clients to craft business development strategies suitable to today’s economy. TICGL has extensive experience performing target industry studies and market research to support industry recruitment strategies. We have worked with small and large communities nationwide to match them with highly focused and appropriate industry targets in all sectors.

  • Target industry analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Prospect identification
  • Strengthen the Economic Development Element within a Comprehensive Plan


TICGL helps communities create competitive and responsible economic development incentive policies. Our Smart Incentives, emphasizes due diligence, compliance and evaluation for effective incentive use once policies are in place.

  • Competitive evaluation
  • Program analysis
  • Portfolio review
  • Strategic Plan Review
  • Socio-Economic Plan
  • Asset-Based Economic Development

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