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The Economist Review is the TICGL independent Platform committed to improving and analysis of International affairs of the state by engaging on business, political , Economy , Social, Technology and Legal to shape global, and regional agendas.

The Economist Review primary objectives, To analyze international affairs focus on Economy , Business, political, Social, Technology and Legal to undertake policy enhancing research, strengthen capabilities in policy analysis and decision making, as well as articulate and improve the understanding of policy options in government, the public sector, the donor community, and the growing

Economists Talk Magazine June-2023

Tanzania Economic Updates Tanzania’s inflation rate fell from 4.7 percent in March to 4.32 percent in April, owing to a drop in the cost of living for a number of goods and services. This decrease is due to a decrease in the cost of living for transportation, housing, water, energy, gas, furniture, household equipment, and…

Establish a profitable business

Establish a profitable business A profitable enterprise requires time, consistency, focus and work, but there are additional (and required) principles that need to be added to the mix. Living off of your great business idea: that’s the dream, right? And if you’ve got a dream market concept, you’ve already completed the first step. Of course,…