Strategic Planning

TICGL Master Class:-Management

Area:-Business Strategy and Organization
Context of the course

The training program in the professional context
The Strategic Planning Training Program aims at helping Economist, Planners, Lawyers, Financial Specialist, Market Experts, Project Manager and Business Manager to develop the ability to work within complex and dynamic organisational environments; it offers them a chance to explore and understand the key issues of business management, and more concretely of strategic management.

Skills and abilities to be developed

Generic skills

1.Analysis and synthesis cognitive abilities applied to the business management world

2. Information and data management as a key ability to identify, formulate and solve business problems, that is, to make decisions in organizations

3. Business problem solving and decision making, both at the strategic and operational level

4. Application of theoretical issues into the real business world in a way that new business opportunities can be discovered and sustainable competitive advantage can be built

5.Interpersonal skills: listening, negotiating, persuading, team work and leadership

6. Ethical commitment to the moral values and to the corporate social responsibility

7. Critical thinking and debating skills

8. Autonomous learning skills

Course specific skills

Understand and use the appropriate tools to diagnose and improve the company’s competitive position; design a strategic plan:

Participants expected learning outcomes:

The participants acknowledges the limitations of the strategic planning tools, and therefore creates situations in which they can be applied in an optimal way.

Participants uses the strategic planning tools so that he/she is able to make efficient strategic decisions.

Participants knows how and why the business environment and the company’s resources can be drivers as well as brakes to an efficient strategic planning, decision making and control work.

PART 1: The context of Strategic Planning
Topic 1: Business models and the strategic purpose

PART 2: Strategic Planning tools

Topic 2: External analysis

Topic 3: Internal analysis

PART 2: Basics of Strategic work
Topic 4: What is strategy? Approaches to strategic work

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