The study focus on looking on youth employment along with their entire economic situation but also the study advising what the government and other organizations should do to help youth and free them from all life challenges including youth employment and the entire economic situation they face.

The findings of the research show that many young people are still unmarried by 91% of the youth interviewed even though a few are married by 5%, but also many young people have been seen living in families with people less than 3 family members, but also within those families it has shown that there is almost equal depending ration between people who work for salary or wage and people with no work or job but are actively looking for a jobs.

Many young people have shown that they have completed their first degree education from the first enrollment of 466,985 students by more than 91% and 9% of them have completed their first and make a total of more than 54,799 (11%) of all graduate where by 38,111 graduate first degree each year and 302 graduate second degree. Youth goals many of them respond at the moment are making a contribution to society, but many also wish to be more successful than where they are now. Many young people currently like to work in private organizations, but also in multinational corporations, and some would like to be self-employed by starting their own business as shown in the study below.

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