Women and Entrepreneurial

Women talent is distinguished beyond multitasking, in having a creative pulse to develop ideas, join efforts between diverse talents and a critical vision on solving everyday problems.
The development of innovative ideas that seek to revolutionize the traditional is the common denominator in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, an element that has no gender. However, Women participation is key in the development of an entrepreneurial culture at a global level.
According to TICGL data from the TICGL Economic Research and Data Development Center, in Tanzania , the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs is found in the region, an indicator that makes us reflect on their continuous contributions to innovation and disruption of different industries, and especially of its relevance in the solid construction of companies, which are germinating and positively impacting society.

In the current context of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the economies of the countries are looking for mechanisms to recover the rhythm and return to the production and consumption levels prior to this health crisis, that is when entrepreneurship takes a fundamental role in promoting economic recovery for nations and in fostering a culture of innovation among women to facilitate their participation in the emergence of new business units.
Women entrepreneurs offer strong potential to contribute to job creation, growth and competitiveness. In this context, Women talent is distinguished beyond multitasking, in having a creative pulse to develop ideas, join forces among diverse talents and a critical vision of solving everyday problems.
For example, in traditional sectors such as finance, real estate and technology, the role of women has been of great importance in promoting resilient and creative businesses. The fact of a convergence and exchange of innovations provides a wealth of perspectives on solutions and disruptive projects in the various economic sectors.

The promotion of an entrepreneurial culture within any country also entails a series of continuous actions by those who make decisions, to promote leaderships that in turn build multicultural, intergenerational and multidisciplinary teams to positively impact society.
Let us remember that entrepreneurs are also agents of change and play a role in job creation, which shows us the potential of innovative ideas. As is evident, women have taken on a major importance in the creation of companies and entrepreneurship, thanks to this it has been possible to overcome several obstacles that did not allow women to have a leading role in business.
The recognition and promotion of women in business will help in the future more and more women want to be part of or want to undertake, this does nothing but benefit so that in the future there is a level floor in which women and men have the same projection and opportunities, but above all, a conducive environment to undertake with a gender perspective.

One thought on “Women and Entrepreneurial

  1. In development issues based on all sector it is important to include And intergrate gender issue in planning for socioeconomic development, therefore the equal partucipation of women and men is crucial in undertaking efforts and mechanisms of development process so as to attain sustainable development in different community.


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